If you don't see any plans that you absolutely love in our stock photo library, we can customize a plan just for you!

Plans from scratch design work is quoted by our in-house design staff upon review of your contact form (see contact us). Please see our price guide for more information on pricing.

What we require from you is quite simple!

1. Once you are have a good idea of the style and size of project you want to build, provide us with a wish list of any features you've seen and loved in other homes. Then break that list down into two categories: 1) Must Have 2) If Possible.

2. Now compile all sketches, photos, articles, etc. that could aid us in designing your project. We also require a site plan or RPR (real property report) if available.

If youre not quite sure what architectural style(s) you prefer this link could help:

3. Your plans from scratch design request can be submitted through our contact form (see contact us).  Any sketches, etc. can be faxed to us at 403-475-2240. Alternatively you can scan & email additional info to:

4. We will respond to your request promptly with an estimate of time and cost to fulfill your design.

5. Once you approve the estimate, your file will be assigned to a Designer and a deposit toward designing will be required. The amount of the deposit will be specified to you on your quote.

- Ideas should be well thought out and well articulated to avoid confusion and wasted effort.

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